UV led single pass inkjet printer

XD54 is a single pass industrial inkjet digital printing machine. Print directly on objects high-speed, with surprising results thanks to the drop on demand technology, which allows you to obtain high quality prints. It uses fast drying UV LED inks and is equipped with a RIP software for the management of all printing operations. Customizable with loading and unloading systems and other accessories on request.

Single pass inkjet digital printing machine

The EPS single-pass UV inkjet digital printing machines are the ideal solution for industrial printing on flat or semi-flat objects. Fast thanks to the single pass system, print high quality images (up to 600 dpi) in four colors plus two white in continuous with a single pass.

The LED UV ink used dries instantly, the machine stops are reduced to a minimum and the work changes fast and clean. On request are available loading and unloading systems, pre-treatment, customized supports for the pieces to be printed and vision and control systems.


  • Adjustable UV power levels
  • CE Certification available
  • Local and remote diagnostics/logging, fault detection
  • Remote/Customer interface digitaL Ethernet/IP
  • IndustriaL PC, UI, UPS
  • Printer assembly stand and safety enclosure
  • Print head maintenance station/waste tray

  • Emergency Stop SwItched/Interlocks

  • Servo-driven conveyor feed system with continuous/intermittent operational modes

  • Bulk ink supply system for each print array with ink level sensor detection and auto refill

  • Space available for load/off-load, vision/eject stations for customer integration
  • UV Curing Head Assembly mounted directly behind the print array wIth array protection and shutter system
  • Z-Axis servo control for automatic height adjustment for each station based on product height
  • Print Jobs (SKU numbers, scanned in routers) entered manually or by barcode scanner
  • 100% designed and built in the USA

Technical Data

Standard print area 2.13″ scalable to custom width
Max product height 11.8″, more upon request
Print resolution 600 dpi
Number of print heads 6 WW+CMYK, more upon request
Ink type UV LED (low odor/migration available)
Pre-treatment options Flame, Corona, Plasma, Air knife
File type .jpg, .tiff, .bmp, .pdf
Software features Job and print queue management, variable data available
Electrical requirement 240 VAC 3-phase 20 A 50-50 Hz
Compressed air Min. 80 psi required
Ambient temperature 68 °F to 86 °F
Humidity 40-70% recommended
Physical space 96″ x 48″ x 79″
Print speed Up to 50″ / Sec

Printing System

  • High speed print direct on the object
  • Drop on demand UV led cure inks
  • Continuous multi-color printing in a single pass
  • High quality CMYK+WW images with 4 levels of grayscale
  • Printing speed up to 50” per second
  • Optional custom automation for parts handling, inline pretreatment and visions systems


Ink System

Ink tank

Ink tank with a liquid level sensor alarm warning before experiencing ink shortage

Automatic maintenance

Automatic PRINT HEADS maintenance


  • UV-LED curable CMYK inks
  • High-density white ink (optional – 2 heads)
  • Automatic ink supply system
  • 1 liter ink tanks for each color
  • Active-negative pressure system
  • Clear coat available
  • Automatic voltage and temperature control for the print heads

RIP Software


  • Printing control software installed on host PC to manage print queue

  • Grayscale variable drop technology improves fine lines and details

PRINTING CONTROL SOFTWARE installed on host PC to manage all operations:

  • Machine control
  • Jobs management (eg print queue management)
  • Security systems control
  • Management of inks system (RIP, set up of various parameters, colors etc.)
  • VDP Variable data printing management

Printed objects