Rotary UV LED digital inkjet printing machine

BOTTLEJET is a rotary UV LED digital inkjet printing machine, for printing and decorating cylindrical and conical surfaces in high resolution (up to 1200 dpi). Available with adjustable support for cylinders and cones. Easy to load and unload, with drying synchronized to the print, it uses up to 3 RICOH Gen 4 print heads. The RIP software allows to manage all printing operations.

BOTTLEJET, stampante digitale uv led rotativa
BOTTLEJET, stampante digitale uv led rotativa

Rotary UV LED digital inkjet printing

THE EPS Rotary UV Inkjet printing rotary machines are able to print with precision and high speed on cylindrical objects (straight walls) and conical objects such as bottles, glasses, etc. in high resolution. The UV inks used dry instantly during printing.

This type of machines, unlike other solutions on the market, are designed specifically for rotary printing, so they are not just the result of adding an accessory to a flat machine. Each parameter and each movement are designed specifically for this application. And this makes the difference.


  • Rotational print pass method
  • Cylindrical nozzle check
  • Horizontal calibration
  • Z axis height control
  • Bottle detection sensor
  • Collision sensor

Technical Data

Maximum print area Cylindrical and conical objetcs, until 300 mm length. Diameter from 40 to 120 mm, with printing area up to 280 mm
Max product height 120 mm
Maximum resolution 600 x 600, 600 x 900, 900 x 1200 dpi
Number of print heads 3 RICOH gen 4 print heads (+ 1 on request for transparent varnish)
Ink type UV Led
Image processing software ColorPRINT RIP software
Compatible file format .tiff, .eps, .pdf, .ai, .ps
Software features Job and print queue management
Control panel Display LCD
Computer PC with Windows operating system including RIP software and PCS machine control software
Ambient temperature 68 °F to 86 °F
Humidity 40-70% recommended
Physical space 140 x 150 x 75 cm
Print speed Glass, diameter 60, printing area height 57, with development of 180 mm, at an average resolution of 900 x 600 dpi, on white, about 40 seconds (example)

Printing System

  • Equipped with rotating clamps that can be adjusted to print various diameters and bottle lengths
  • Synchronized printing and curing operation
  • Easy to load and unload, can accommodate manual or automatic operation


Ink System


Special holder jigs adjustable, for printing on both cylindrical and conical surfaces

  • UV-LED curable CMYK INKS
  • High-density white ink
  • Automatic ink supply system
  • 1 liter ink tanks for each color
  • Active-negative pressure system
  • Clear coat available
  • Automatic voltage and temperature control for the print heads

RIP Software


  • Printing control software installed on host PC to manage print queue

  • Grayscale variable drop technology improves fine lines and details

PRINTING CONTROL SOFTWARE installed on host PC to manage all operations:

  • Machine control
  • Jobs management (eg print queue management)
  • Security systems control
  • Management of inks system (RIP, set up of various parameters, colors etc.)
  • VDP Variable data printing management

Printed objects